Memorial Benches

Memorial benches are a beautiful way to pay tribute to your loved one. They are also an ideal way to add beauty to any gravesite. These granite benches can be used in addition to or in the place of a traditional headstone or monument. Southside Monument in Augusta GA has memorial benches in a varying array of colors and designs. Benches can be designed and built with different features, like cemetery vases or with a niche to hold cremated remains. Other ideal places for these commemorative benches are in gardens, parks and other public places of importance. The granite benches can be beautifully personalized to honor the life of your lost loved one. Our compassionate and expert monument builders here at Southside Monument are always honored to create and design memorial benches for your family.

Different Styles of Memorial Benches

Memorial benches can be created in a variety of styles, colors, shapes and designs with either rough or polished finishes. Choosing the right bench to honor your loved one can be tough, especially when you are dealing with grief in the wake of your loss. When you want to memorialize your family member or other cherished one with a granite bench, call on Southside Monument, the local professionals that countless others have depended on in their time of need. From pedestal cremation benches to intricately designed granite benches, you will only receive the best craftsmanship, compassionate service and highest quality design services from our monument company. Southside Monument backs up our commitment to provide you with the perfect memorial benches with over five decades of service to the Augusta GA community.


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If you are having trouble deciding what to inscribe on your granite bench, our team of professionals are more than happy and capable to help. Create the perfect monument for your loved one with a selection from the memorial benches offered by Southside Monument.

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